It all began in the year 1974

With over 5 decades of experience in the bath industry, we at Eurobrass are a generational change from its parent company Dripless (established in 1974) committing ourselves to deliver dependable bathroom solutions that combine thoughtful design & innovative technologies that strikes a perfect balance between ultimate comfort & performance.

With technology transfer from the world leaders in the west, Eurobrass continues to raise the bar in delivering world class products conforming to the highest quality and regulatory standards, thus providing its customers with top class & technically advanced products.

Our brand values of technology, design, quality & sustainability illustrates our commitment to creating exceptional experiences.

our Vision & Mission

Letting water into your daily lives with style & elegance.

At Eurobrass, we don’t just want to make it easier to use water in a sustainable manner, but we are equally keen to make your life and your homes altogether more pleasant.

Our legacy drives us forward enabling us to deliver to the expectations of the generations ahead. Evolving continuously to build a future with sustainability at its core.


Working towards sustainability is an ongoing and never ending process at Eurobrass, and making water conserving products has been a key component since our inception. At Eurobrass we believe that conservation doesn’t mean ‘sacrificing’ in terms of design, performance or affordability.

Designing bathrooms and kitchens should never come down to choosing between saving water or performance or aesthetics. It’s in our DNA and it’s reflected in every product we create. Therefore, our team ensures to maintain the same exquisite look and feel with a technological advantage of tremendous water conservation without compromising on design.



As an environmentally conscious brand, we are dedicated to aligning ourselves to reduce our environment footprint with each passing year. Looking ahead, we have committed ourselves into having a true impact – ‘a willingness to take chances and a propensity for innovation’ ensuring a better future for our community and planet.



Eurobrass manufacturing units help in saving millions of gallons of water by harvesting rain water and re-using the same for manufacturing. While reducing overall water consumption, we continue developing water-conservation products too, that help in saving endless gallons of water.



The global climatic change calls in for immediate measures. We have thus rerouted our energy consumption source by way of solar power units. In addition to this, our greenhouse gas management has allowed us to increase efficiency while staying aligned with the sustainable development goals.


green building

At Eurobrass, we’ve taken our sustainability goals a step ahead by incorporating green and clean building principles. All our units are IGBP certified facilities and are installed with Eurobrass ‘water saving products’.



We are committed to help reduce waste (recyclable & non-recyclable) by developing more environmental friendly packaging solutions, eliminating PVC and reducing our net packaging materials.


Eurobrass products are completely designed and manufactured in our own in-house facilities and go through highest standards of quality and workmanship.

Right from raw materials to finished products, all manufacturing processes are in-house owing to our state-of-the-art machinery and put to stringent testing in our new age testing labs.